Oct 18, 2014 Metaverse Tour

Today we started at the “Under the Pumpkin Moon Halloween Hunt” on the 21strom region in Kitely.  Talented landscape designer Zuza Ritt greeted us and pointed us to the beautiful free trees and plant gifts around the fall-themed region.  She also has a region called 21strom Winter with winter landscapes and an ice rink. Beautiful.  grid.kitely.com:8002:21strom

Our next stop was the newly reopened Museo del Metaverso on Craft Grid.  This art museum is vast!  The many floors and buildings hold huge sculptures and installations that would overwhelm a smaller space.  There is art around every corner, outside the window, and hovering on the horizon. I’m not sure you could even see it all in one day.  This museum is a treasure and Opensim is richer now that it has returned.  craft-world.org:8002:mdm