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Feb 28 Metaverse Tour

Below are my snapshots from the Metaverse Tour Feb 28. Thank goodness +Avia 3D  was taking photos because I didn't get to two of the destinations! I went to Crossroads, the new Metaverse Tours village currently being developed as a Crossroads of OpenSim grids. … [Read More...]


Feb 21, 2015 Metaverse Tour

First stop was Hosoi Mura - Edo Honshu Japan on Kitely.  Amiryu Hosoi has created some of the most epic and realistic regions on Opensim.  The wide open vistas are jaw-dropping. The building interiors are meticulously textured. There is even realistic steam at … [Read More...]

Educational virtual world for training African aid workers.

Feb 14 2015 Metaverse Tour

On today's Metaverse Tour we visited worlds that show or teach something. We started at the Hypergrid Academy which has a growing collection of free objects at the landing area and a teaching dome up in the sky.  Previous classes are being boxed up and put on … [Read More...]


Feb 7 2105 Metaverse Tour

Virtual Christine was our fearless leader today.  We started on the watery region called Aquaetas. Apparently this is one of the many places Mr. Danko calls home on the Opensim grids. The place is filled with mysterious Devokan/Myst references.  Next we … [Read More...]