How to get an account on an OpenSim grid

First, you will need to choose a  home grid. This is not a final choice, many of us have accounts on more than one grid.  There are hundreds of grids, but to keep things simple, we recommend any of these three.  Each is supportive and helpful to newcomers.  Kitely is the largest commercial grid on the hypergrid.Metropolis is a large international nonprofit grid. Craft-grid is a smaller international nonprofit grid.


How to get an account on Kitely
Kitely Support Forums
Kitely G+ Group
Don’t get confused by the options. You can sign up for a free “regular” account to test the waters.
Explore the Kitely Welcome Center thoroughly. It is setup just for newcomers.
Join the Kitely Community group for support and event announcements.
Come to the Crossroads region to meet us!

Grid CEO: Ilan Tochner

Currency: Kitely Credits

Main Languages:English


How to get an account on Metropolis
Support Forums
Metropolis Event Calendar
Metropolis G+ group

Metropolis is a large culturally diverse grid with it’s own radio station,apps, calendar, a very active cultural and social life,very very green politics, as well as a “rockin’ in the free world” democratic approach to running the grid; check out the regular “Stammtisch” meetings see for yourself! Join the community group for support and event announcements.

Grid Core Team: Lena Vanilli (Admin, OpenSim Dev, Forum),Uncle CM (Serveradmin), Zak Spot (Admin, Inworld-Orga, Forum) Wanda Shigella (Events, Education, Culture)

Currency: None

Languages: German, English



How to get an account on Craft
Craft G+ Group

Craft-the Friendly Grid, has a well established, diverse community with a thriving arts and educational scene, events, and many famous freebie regions. Home of the Museo del Metaverso, and the Craft Store. Join the community group for support and event announcements. Don’t forget,  you have to register your real age, or you will not be able to enter mature or adult regions!

Grid Owners: Tao Quan and Licu Rau


Languages: Italian , English, German

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Last update: 20 March 2015