March 14, 2015 Metaverse Tour  (The KWC World Showcase Hall) in Time Arcain

March 14, 2015.  It was a busy tour this week as Dot whipped us around the Kitely grid and then out to Dankoville. Big fun was had by all. First we visited the Kitely Showcase Hall on the Kitely Welcome Center. It’s a big building full of landmarks to some of the featured regions on Kitely.  We took a look at a new featured world, our very own Metaverse Tour home, Crossroads.  Dot took us there to see the new interior of the the pub called Schrodinger’s Cat.

From Crossroads we went to a new build on Kitely by Miguel Rotunno called “Lost in Time.”  This is a region to wander in. Around every corner is work of art, often a magnificent large sculpture that make you pause and consider. The sense of scale is palpable – you are smaller than the art. Or put another way, the art is majestic. Wander this world –  you won’t be disappointed.

Next we went to Paislee Myrtle’s new region called Rings. (Does this builder ever sleep?) This region is om to mysterious systems of energy and flows. There are mysteries to be discovered in the sky and under the water.

We forged on to Inis Arcain, a Seanchai world.  In honor of their 7th anniversary in virtual worlds. Seanchai is holding a treasure hunt on Inis Arcain which is really just a great excuse to go visit this lovely region. We split up, hunted treasure and took pictures.

Our last stop was Dankoville out on the hypergrid on the Nara’s Nook grid. This place is like no other region I have seen in virtual worlds. For one thing, it is covered with pictures of Mr. Danko in a “Dear Leader” style of decoration. But as you wander you get a sense of americana, baseball, cornfields, ancient gas stations from a gone by era. It feels like Nebraska to me there. Somehow we ended up in the little convenience store at the gas station.  Nara showed up and chastised us for not letter her know we were coming. Of course it’s hard to take reprobation seriously from a cartoon cow in a pink tutu, but we apologized and made nice by wearing tutus as well.  These kind of spontaneous get togethers are one of the best parts of the hypergrid opensim community!