Feb 14 2015 Metaverse Tour

On today’s Metaverse Tour we visited worlds that show or teach something. We started at the Hypergrid Academy which has a growing collection of free objects at the landing area and a teaching dome up in the sky.  Previous classes are being boxed up and put on the shelves. Some of the folks on the tour are interested in giving and taking classes so we’ll need to get people connected up to do that. Next we went to LMPierce which contains demo buildings by Lawrence Pierce. It’s a good example of displaying content in a way that any beginner could navigate around with explanatory signs.  The Mars build has an adorable little rover as well.Next we went to Hinatore which is an amazing literacy education game created by Aaron Griffiths and Merle Hearns.  The game HUD keeps track of your levels and offers hints. The trees and lighting add to the jungle feel. You answer questions by typing into popup boxes. Stephan was able to get all the way through level 1 in the time we were there. There are 6 levels all together.  The butterflies give you clues. Check it out.Finally we went to the African Traveler Experience on the VIBE grid. This is one of the few places the Metaverse Tour has visited twice and it’s because the experience is just that good.  When you arrive you put on a backpack which contains medicines, a health tracker, and a manual. As you go through the experience you meet local people who can give you clues to keep you healthy, but you have to ask the right questions. There is a fairly good chance you will catch a disease or ailment of some kind. This simulation was set up to train aid workers who are going to Africa. It helps them learn real world skills that can save their own lives or those of others.  It’s the best use of an educational adventure “game” that I’ve seen in opensim so far.

Thanks to Stephen Gasior for all the hints and help at the African Traveler region!

Hypergrid Academy – grid.kitely.com:8002:Hypergrid Academy
LM Pierce – grid.kitely.com:8002:LMPierce
Hinatore – grid.kitely.com:8002:Hinatore
Vibe.bio-se.info:9000 African Traveler