Oct 25, 2014 Metaverse Tour

This week’s Metaverse Tour began with a tour of Dragon’s Teeth, one of the oldest regions on Kitely. This is a Devokan build by the amazing virtual world creator Paislee Myrtle.  Since the beginning of the Metaverse Tours I have been trying to set up this tour, so this was a long time wish come true.  Paislee greeted us at the welcome area campfire circle and pointed out the book lying on the ground which contains clues as to the origin of Dragon’s Teeth. (There are more books to be discovered.) She then led us across the water and through a whirlwind tour of the castle.  I would have been happy to spend two or three hours on this tour. But Paislee was having none of that.  Each time I almost had a photo set up, she dashed off to the next fabulous room.  The five of us on the tour really worked to keep up, grabbing photos where we could.  I fell behind and got lost in the castle a few times.  Then we walked the perimeter of the region and up a mountain to the dragon landing spot which has a wonderful view of the whole region. By the end of the tour I was literally sweating.  There is so much going on in this region, the rapid speed was the only way to get the full overview, and it had the result of leaving me with an urge to go back and go through at a much slower pace to appreciate the details of the story and appreciate the intricacy of the build.

After we caught our breath, we went on to the Monte Gordo region on Craft Grid for something completely different!  Virtual Christine led us on a tour of the slum areas she has been creating.  The sheer number of textures and scenes is chaotic, colorful, and somewhat overwhelming.  She took us through the twists and turns of alleys and streets. We went down into the subway tunnels complete with rats and giant spiders.  There are actually two levels of sewers with hidden meeting areas down there. She shared some serious statistics about slums around the world.  For example, did you know that by 2050 75% of the world will live in slums? Christine is expanding on the theme of hobos and slums. She sees slums as places of hope, courage, and empowerment. She has created an amazing collection of buildings, textures and objects from Arcadia builds, creative commons, and opensim.  A walk through here is exhilarating and thought provoking.