Mar 7 Metaverse Tour

Just like most of the Metaverse, we couldn’t get into our first destination, the Museo del Metaverso on its opening day.  No big surprise there.  The very popular Museo del Metaverso is an epic museum space, full of some of the biggest and most mind-blowing art in the known Metaverse.  The art is so big you have to teleport between the exhibits.  Go there. Teleport. Marvel.

We dove into our second destination, the French Quarter on Kitely, with gusto.  So much gusto that +virtual christine was blown offline a couple of times. ( virtual christine here!! I crashed six times in the first half hour, a new world record!! Serene is T-O-T-A-L-L-Y jealous!)  But, you can’t keep a good woman off the grid and she came roaring back every time – with her gigantic spirit and runny nose.  What a trooper!

The French Quarter is an ambitious project. It’s  a recreation of some of the famous streets and mansions in N.Orleans.  Check out the huge cathedral, the voodoo shop, and pick up a few freebies in the corner store.  I hear they are renting apartments, houses and stores.

Next we were off on the hypergrid to Mimas on the 3rd Rock Grid.  We kept most of the crew together as we jumped, though there is always a wee bit of a delay as everyone has to wait for me. I am slow.  That’s the way I roll, people.

Mimas is a gigantic mountain forest build. You follow a looooooong trail.  Looooong.  Lots of walking and climbing.  The views from the mountains are magnificent.  The bridges are terrifying. The climb is steep.  Once we reached the very tip top of the mountain, we decided to try the Museo del Metaverso again.  A few of us made it and others didn’t.  And another Metaverse Tour met it’s messy but satisfying conclusion. Quarter