Jan 31 2015 Metaverse tour

Today we had the pleasure of a tour of Devokan regions by the Devokan expert herself, Dot Matrix. We started on Evensong which includes the two regions that Paislee and Dot first built in Opensim 5 years ago. Being Devokans, there is a story that goes with the creation of each world (or age as they call them.) The move to Opensim is documented in Devokan journals here: http://devokan.org/arxiv/devokan-1/

The tour started with a special book which dispensed a HUD (heads up display) to wear. By touching this HUD, you can always get back to central Hub. This is important because Devokan lands are known to pop up and go away quite regularly and a hub is necessary to keep track of them all.  After we got our HUDs, Dot led us on a whirlwind tour of evensong including many magical and hidden places we probably never could have found on our own. Sometimes it was hard to tell up from down. Were we underground? In space? Was it a dream?

Next we went to the Hub itself on the ussc.com grid.  This is where you find the books that link all the Devokan worlds together. By touching a page of a book, you are transported to yet another age. The Devokan motto really should be BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU TOUCH!  We all touched the Primordium book page and were teleported to mountainous world with a mysterious observatory. It looked like a place where strange science would happen.

Our last stop was Ae’Gura (No, I have no clue how to pronounce it.)  This is an underground city with one of the largest single structures I have ever seen in a virtual world.  Parts were still under construction, but this was beautiful and impressive. It’s on the Lost Paradise grid.

Thanks, Dot for the amazing tour of these unique places.