Jan 17 2015 Metaverse Tour

Virtual Christine’s first outing as Metaverse Tour Guide went smooth as transgenic silk.  The tour was a nice mix of veterans and newcomers and was just the right size to allow us to meet new people, but not so big as to cause region lag.  Successful and fun hypergridding adventures!

We started with the new art gallery of Phantasmagoria. It is full of delights ranging from traditional wall art to semi-transparent zebras and a giant woman wielding a giant paintbrush. I even picked up a dress made of leaves by the fabulous Fuchsia Nightfire.  There is serious thought and artistic sensitivity within this region. Visit it!

Next we went to Transgenia which is almost impossible to describe. It is familiar, yet alien. The pictures tell the story here. The atmosphere is thick and lush. The plants are alien and lovely. There is a spaceship to discover and other delights including the alien zoo. Everything here is by Daniel Hoffman who has generously made it available for take for free, even to export to other grids. If you have an alien world to landscape, this is your go-to garden center.

We hit the hypergrid and went to Uptown on the Craft-world grid. Here there are freebies galore, carefully collected and displayed by genres. If you are interested in role play or various time periods, this is a great place to visit.

Last stop was the great Noah region on Craft-world. This floating ark is full of hundreds of animals just waiting to be taken home. There are some seriously cute things here. Even though the tour ended here, we stood around and chatted for ages.

Great job, Christine!

Kitely Welcome Center
(grid.kitely.com:8002:Kitely Welcome Center)