April 4, 2015 Metaverse Tour

grid.kitely.com:8002:Inis Coilt
(also at hypergrid.org:8002:CrazyEaster)

First we stopped at Seanchai Libraries’ new region, Westworld. This town is the setting for tales of “Outlaws & gunfighters, buried treasures, running off cattle rustlers, sitting out a winter storm in a cave-adventures like these were all part of everyday life for the cowboy. From all corners of the great Western expanse – Montana to Mexico, California to the Mississippi. (Pulled that right off their description page.) We stood knee high in mud and chatted with Seanchai legend, Shandon Loring. The town is fun. Avia ended up in jail, no surprise.

Then, how could we resist? We visited the Crazy Easter project by Nani Ferguson & Ange Menges.  Besides being an absolutely magnificent build, it’s also fun. There is a game you can play alone or with others. And of course, there were eggs to gather. Nani and Ange hid these eggs really really well, but the gifts inside make it worthwhile to hunt them down. The region will be taken down at the end of April and then destroyed. This is a temporary art exhibit, and when it’s done, it is done forever. What an amazing project.